Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Birthday to Marcus & Chloe!!

This day in 2009 Marcus came into my life.. he was such an adorable baby.. and today my dearest son has turn 3 years old.. he is no longer a chubby little baby.. he has his own thinking and he has his own preferences.. he is a big boy now!! oh my baby boy.. you are a big boy now!!! 
This day last year in 2011.. my princess Chloe joined us in our family.. and Today she turn 1 year old.. am so blessed to have her in my life.. she is such a happy baby.. her smiles just melting my heart everyday.. she is an easy going baby too just same like her big brother.. and oh dear... she is now a toddler.. oh my baby.. you are all grown up.. 
I still remember the day in the delivery ward.. how mummy waiting anxiously for both of your arrival.. and how you look like when mummy first see you with my own eyes.. and time pass so fast.. and now there you are.. a big 3 years old boy and a cute little 1 year old girl.. sometimes i just hope that you two never grown up and forever be mummy's little babies.. mummy cherished every moment together with both of you..  
mummy wish both of you to stay healthy.. growing up together and love each others more and more day by day.. 
I love you both my babies.. :) 
Happy Birthday Marcus & Happy Birthday Chloe

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Anonymous said...

Mummy Fong, well done! I give thanks for the Lord has changed your life with these two sweeties. May our Lord strengthen u n hubby n may your family be a source of blessing to people around ^.^


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