Saturday, September 29, 2012

Guidelines for Nursing/Breastfeeding Mothers

Today I though to share one of the information that I obtained via the Breastfeeding Peer counsellor course.. which is very useful to all new nursing mother.. these are the  questions that mummy to be or new mother who just delivered their baby always like to ask me whenever I do some peer counselling or support.. "How to know if baby has enough milk?".. "How much should baby drinks?".. "How do I know if baby got drink my milk if I direct latch? I can't see it if I am direct latching.." .. "I prefer bottle feed cause I know how much baby is drinking!! And I know if baby has enough or not!".. these are very common questions new mummy like to ask me.. So today, I would like to share the following guidelines from you can download the PDF version and print out for reference. 
This sheet basically tell you everything you should know as a start as a breastfeeding or nursing mother.. how frequently you nurse your baby.. how big the your baby's tummy (so don't over feed your 2 days old baby with 3 oz of milk.. which is too much to handle by their little tummy)..
How do I know if baby has enough?? This question is simple, how much they drink will be more or less how much is the output right?? so look at the diaper!!! by counting how many wet or soil diaper.. but the most easy way is count soil diaper and by the look and colour of the stool to know if your baby is having enough. so don't panic and just have a rough idea from the chart below. 

Simple guidelines by me which is not included in the chart is : 
  1. Always latching baby on 1 side of breast per meal - meaning don't switch between the boobs too fast.. always one boob at least 30-45 minutes before switching to another. 
  2. Always start with the other boob which you are not latching on the earlier session (example 2pm you start with right boob, so 4pm you will need to start on left boob) 
  3. Feeding / latching durations - these is very subjective as some baby maybe latch only 10 min and they are full and some may latch up to 1 hr. then they will rest for an hour and come again the cycle.. 
Ways to Successfully breastfeed - latching your baby as and when your baby want it!!!

Happy weekend everyone!! 

And let's celebrate my 1 Year breast feeding journey with Chloe.. Another chapter for my breastfeeding experiences on Toddler!!! Yipee... 

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