Thursday, September 6, 2012

Breastfeeding in Public - Best Advertisement Capturing the Reality

I saw this advertisement on facebook this morning shared by a friend.. which I think it is very cute yet so real and reflecting our real life as a nursing mother.. so I though to share with you all on my blog today.. 
It is actually a diaper advertisement but they creatively linking breastfeeding experience with choosing their diaper.. 
first part of the advertisement featuring a new mother nursing in a restaurant but look at her expression of worrying other people notice her nurse in peace in the public but she was already using a nursing ponco/cover on her.. baby is cranky and crying at the same time.. 
2nd part of the advertisement.. you see the reaction of the waiter when he saw the mom of 2 nursing in public without a nursing ponco/cover??? This is exactly the facial reaction we nursing mom gets everyday if we nurse in public either with or without a nursing ponco/cover.. but this mother just relax and make jokes with the waiter somemore.. cool advert and good job!!! 

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Amy Chong said...

Haha! Saw your post in TBAN. this is what I felt (as first kid mother) when I DL in public for the very first time last wednesday. Hopefully I'll be better & won't feel so embarrassed soon ;)


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