Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bloom Workshop II - Photography Workshop

I won myself this photography workshop which worth RM950 with the support of my dearly friends who help me to click like of my contest entry last month. It is a good experience I would say.. and I learned something new too.. also get some handy tips as well.. It is a workshop by 4 lady photographer and each of them has their own strength & experiences to share during the workshop.. 
this is also my first time leaving Chloe at home for 8am-6pm.. yeah my very first time.. earlier max i was away for half a day only.. 
here are some photos I captured during the workshop..  

Bloom Workshop:

Wedding Gown: Pretty in White (
Make up & Hair: Bridal Glam (
Decorations: Milestones (

 Model: Karen Lim KY 

 Model: Karen Lim YL

Model: John & Erin
 Model: Cheryl & Hock 
 You must be wondering why my baby also here.. yeah day 2 i brought her together with me to the workshop.. she is still an angel.. but due to the noisy environment she can't sleep during the session.. but I don't think other photography workshop allow you to bring baby right?? this is a different one.. as 4 speakers are female.. and they are more understanding in this respect.. But I feel pai seh too.. and keep walking in and out the workshop when Chloe is cranky.. :) but it was a happy day for her and me too!!
 Model: Chloe Chan
 ops.. i love her cheeky smile... baby in the box!!
 Baby in the bicycle.. and this is a real antic bicycle yeah..  
look at her happy face.. heart just melted!!!
This is the group photo taken from 

And I love the Subject for this workshop "From Passion to Skills"

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