Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tips on Flight with Little Ones

this is not our first flight with little ones.. but overall the flights were pleasurable.. so here is some tips for you if you travelling on plane with your little ones.. 

  1. prepare some toys that can occupied some times to get rid of some boredom.. 
  2. try arrange the flight time which similar to your little one nap time.. so they can sleep in the plane.. 
  3. to avoid the pressure in their ears.. I breastfeed my baby while taking off and landing.. for my marcus i prepare his favourite drinks (Yakult) so he can sip and drinking to reduce the ear pressure..  

 two sleepy babies.. 
 my marcus is still very cute!!!
my Chloe is very good at PR.. she will play with the ppl at the back seat and the front seat.. keep smiling at ppl.. LOL.. 

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