Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ocean Park Hong Kong

trying to catch up some overdue posting that I want to share here.. In July 2012, we went to Hong Kong because of business trip for myself.. and yet due to I haven't wean off my princess Chloe from breastfeeding.. so I have to bring everyone with me to Hong Kong.. July the weather is very hot.. maybe a little bit hotter than Malaysia.. And with two kids.. we decided to go to Ocean Park with my colleague.. 
Ocean Park Hong Kong is really a big theme park.. and also for the very first time we see Panda.. they look really cute and clumsy.. there is also a very big Jelly Fish Aquarium.. that we really enjoyed a lot with.. 
We also went to Disneyland Hong Kong.. but to me i feel Ocean Park is more worth going than Disney.. :) 
 we forgot to bring camera.. so all pictures taken here with our mobile phone.. 
 Marcus with the fake panda.. 
 the old hong kong street.. 
 this is mummy first time playing the merry go around too.. 
 the park is real huge and it has a connecting cable car to the other end of the island.. 
look at my scary face.. i really scare of height!!!
we love the dolphin and seal show very much!!! nice and must watch.. 
here are some Jelly fishes.. they are so beautiful.. 
big big aquarium.. 
My prince marcus KOed already!!!

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