Saturday, August 18, 2012

Disneyland Hong Kong

this is also a back dated post for July 2012.. during my business trip to Hong Kong.. we also went to Disneyland for one day trip.. but it wasn't as good as I imagine it should be.. I feel very excited in the train on the way to Disney.. you know.. hmm.. because this was my first time to Disneyland.. and I was hoping it will be as good as in fairy tales.. but yes.. reality is fairy tales only happened in drama.. :P 
maybe due to the hot weather.. we didn't really enjoying the trip.. and the queue was long and average we have to wait for 45 minutes for a game or show. this is the killing part.. if the queue is slightly short and weather is not that hot.. i think it should be still a enjoyable trip.. there you go.. our first disneyland encounter.. 
Tips: Drinks in Disneyland was damn expensive.. please bring more waters yourself.. Stroller are available for rent 
 in the train.. 
 the train station.. 
 lol.. only way to take pic with him.. :P
 tired baby taking a nap.. 
 marcus is happy!!!
 papa.. keep asking which place to go first???
 taking pictures.. 
 admiring at daddy.. 
 nurse in peace everywhere.. 
 nice musical dance performance.. the mickey golden awards.. 
 no place to sit so sit by the road side to feed chloe.. 
 que que que.. 
 everyone is tiring.. 
again nurse in peace at the road side.. 

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