Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cuti-cuti Malaysia - Gold Coast Morib

My very first time have a short holiday excursion with my hubby's friends.. few families go together to Gold Coast Morib.. it is just one hour away from KL.. they get the room via Groupon at a very good bargain.. which include Room.. Breakfast.. Dinner.. and Theme Park entrance.. But because we decide to join later so we pay at regular price which is about RM330 for one night.. 
The Room: is quite well maintain, clean and spacious.. But there is no adding bed service or baby cot available.. 
The Food: breakfast at hotel is not good.. maybe because of Groupon deal.. it is too many people and the place serve the breakfast is a bit like kenduri style.. flies flying everywhere.. we didn't eat dinner at the hotel which is already included cause our friend review is the dinner is not good too.. so we drive out to look for seafood restaurant to dine in.. 
The Water Theme Park: This is very good if you love water activities.. family with kids is very suitable to come.. as the kids really enjoy themselves in the park.. 
Overall: it is a great trip with reasonable price.. which is nearby KL and there is cheap seafood can be find nearby the hotel too.. a good place to go with family and kids.. 
Look out for some groupon deals and this is worth going!! 
group pictures.. but there are 2 families not in here.. which they already went home.. 
this is the water theme park view from our room balcony..  
 i look so cham in the pictures.. but still great to have family pic together.. 
like father like son..
 daddy daughter bonding time.. 
 another daddy and daughter pic.. 
 where are you looking chloe?? look at her chubby cheek.. love it.. 
 the water theme park.. and look at the kids.. they are all happy playing!!! due to it is puasa month so majority of the ppl are Chinese.. 
 another side of the theme park.. there is a air baloon play at the far end if you notice.. 
oh my handsome marcus boy.. 
look at them.. it look fun right??
 marcus smiling .. very hard to take his pic now.. 
 yeah he is swimming all on his own!!!
papa and his friends most enjoyed.. playing like a big kid!!!
 the macho... 
Chloe also said i can swim on my own too!!!

Hotel Information:
PT 294, Kawasan Kanchong Laut, Morib Beach,
42700 Banting, Selangor Darul Ehsan,
Tel: +6 03 3198 1028    
Fax: +6 03 3198 1055
E-mail Enquiry: info@goldcoastresort.com.my
Reservation E-mail: reservation@goldcoastresort.com.my
Website: www.gcr.com.my


Qashmere said...

hi mummy yvonne..really love to see thise photes taken.
take care...

done follow!

Qashmere said...

im planning to go here too next year..thanks for the info..

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your photos look great, nice work.

Anonymous said...

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