Tuesday, July 31, 2012

KL Bird Park - 2012

This year we went to KL Bird Park AGAIN!!! yes.. to me it is very fun place to go as a family and it is consider very well maintained free flying bird parks.. specially it was a hit to toddler who are curious in birds.. he can see many kinds of birds in a real close distance.. 
this year we bought the entrance ticket from Groupon.. yes.. there is sales.. cheaper a lot if buy directly at the ticket counter.. and we were happy in our first visit last year (my old post about it http://yvonnefong.blogspot.com/2011/07/kl-bird-park.html).. so once i saw there is discounted ticket.. i bought the ticket straight away!! 
so if you have kids this is a place i strongly recommend you to go.. it is not very hot as it is shaded by the trees around the park.. so tips is to bring some wet wipe and sterilizer to clean their hands.. also bring waters and drinks (they sell inside but price is higher).. bring mini battery operated fans if you scare of heat.. 
let's see if there is sales ticket again i will buy again for sure.. LOL.. 
2011 vs 2012
 the brother and sister.. they look so alike right?
 mummy nurse in peace everywhere.. 
 last year we missed the bird show.. but this year we made to wait to see the birds show.. it was quite a good and entertaining one.. :) not only entertaining to kids.. but adults too.. 
pic of bird.. this mummy bz and no time to shoot more pic of birds.. lol 
 hello bird.. you are still in the case.. one year no see.. how are you??? 
 marcis is feeding the bird.. 
is difficult to have pic with him nowadays.. but lucky mummy is a photographer that is quick enough to captured pic of him with papa.. 

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