Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me 2012!!

Every year I look forward to my birthday celebration like a small kiddo.. it maybe because when i was small there is no one celebrate birthday for me.. no cake.. no birthday song.. and no presents.. but I always see friends around me whom their parents celebrates for them and throw them a party.. i was very jealous.. and always hoping someone will celebrate it for me.. Thus, birthday to me is very special day.. and I always hope my special one will celebrate it for me.. without fail this year we went to my favourite restaurant to have dinner.. and i complaint why no birthday cake.. and then papa went to bought me a small birthday cake.. and sing a birthday song together after the dinner.. this year was special as is the first year Chloe celebrate with mummy.. and Marcus always though he is the birthday boy.. lol.. he is extremely happy to see candles and sing birthday song.. he couldn't wait to blow the candles too.. 
 my cutie sweet pie.. 
Happy Birthday and Happy Family!!!

1 comment:

Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Happy belated birthday to you~
Love Chloe's hair style, and she really loves to smile hor.. Same like you! Marcus gor gor seems happy blowing your cake also. Haha! What a happy family!


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