Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cuti-cuti Malaysia - Langkawi Island - Elephant Adventures

this is our 2nd time visit Langkawi.. the last time was 10 years ago.. and only two of us.. but now we are family of 4.. 
We got one free day on our own on the day two at Langkawi.. two of our friends full day island hobbing.. which is not so baby friendly.. moreover I had a sick high fever baby with me.. so we went to the cable station there for elephant adventures for elephant riding.. 
i must say i have the best baby ever.. even though she was having high fever.. but she is still a good baby.. no cranky and can still smiling with everyone..  
 there is a duck tours.. but we didnot go.. just taking picture with the poor ducky.. the man inside there was sweating like nobody business.. :P
 there is horse rising available here too.. marcus was curious and looking at the house.. 
 this is the lonely and the only one Elephant here.. he was from Melaka.. the price for the riding is not cheap.. for 15min rides.. it cost us about RM300.. 
 Marcus not afraid at all.. he is so brave.. mummy was the one who keep say.. scare scare scare.. 
 the riding is quite fun.. and is not normal track.. it is jungle tracking and it went up the hill... down the hill.. down the ponds.. it is so scary to me!! only me.. feel scared.. lol
 after the riding.. they gave us a basket of bread to feed the elephant.. it is like a rewarding system to the poor pity lonely elephant.. but overall it is still a fun experience for everyone.. Chloe is too young.. and they only allowed 3 passengers per ride.. 
 there is a deer farms.. we can purchase the food to feed them.. it was only RM1 for 1 pack.. and they deer will come so close to us.. it is a fun experience for Marcus.. 
Let's have a family photos here.. 

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