Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chloe @ 10 month - Breastfeeding the Intimacy..

Today marked my breastfeeding journey with my baby girl Chloe for 10 mths.. she is fully breastfeed and since two month plus she reject bottle and cry her lung out if given a bottle.. (yeah.. too smart knowing what is the best for herself!! :p) so i have no choice from that day onwards i am fully Direct Latch (DL) her until today.. thereafter I can't have any ME time out.. everywhere I go I must bring her along or I can't go out more than 2 hours.. I was like rushing a marathon, driving speed like i am driving a ferari.. when I went out for a grocery shopping at Pasar to buy a week of food supply (meat, vegi etc).. and furthermore, imagine i am still a full time working mom.. even though i work from home.. but occasionally i need to go out to have lunch with client and meetings too.. so what I did was bring them (baby and maid) with me so I DL her before and after my meeting.. or I bring baby out meeting with my client at the same time.. They loves my baby a lot too!!! or I have to run like a mad woman and try to complete everything and reach home before 2 hours gap.. but since she reach 5 months when she can sit up on her on supported.. she can drink milk from cups.. such a big release for me.. at least if i over run my time a bit when i was out.. I know she will be drinking milk from cup.. 
slowly from 6 months we started her on semi solid.. and Thanks GOD that she loves to eat.. and she is doing very well in eating.. there my weaning process start... it was a meal for breakfast.. then breastfast, lunch.. and now breakfast, lunch and dinner.. and now I turn to become like a snack bar to her.. a very healthy snack bar for her in between of her main meals.. 
I feel very grateful to GOD that I am blessed with a lot of milk and even enough for me to Tandem feeding both of my kids.. yes Marcus gor gor also is on my EBM for twice a day (abt 12-16oz) but slowly now my milk supply slowly decreasing.. so if have extra then will be given to Marcus Gor Gor.. 
what makes me keep going and want to breastfeed my baby? I know it is the best designed milk for them.. and it keeps me going with the intimacy and the bonding we build during the DL session.. I love the way she look into my eyes when I nursing her.. I love her and I will definitely miss this moment one day if we stop breastfeeding.. But I hope this round I can feed as long as I can.. or until she self wean off.. This is just my thinking.. at least 1 year old.. and soon 2 months to go.. :) 
 this are from my view.. the way she look at me.. ops.. my baby.. 
and often she will doze off like a drunken baby after DL.. she is so so adorable to me.. and I love her this look so much!!!

Age: 10 mths 
Weight: 8.3kg 
Height: 70cm

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Hayley said...

Hello Yvonne mummy, saw your blog thru TBAN ;)
Chloe has such long and beautiful lashes!


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