Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lasik - Laser Eyes Treatment - Optimax - 1 Year Annual check up

Time flies.. today I went to Optimax for my Annual Eyes Examination check up.. already a year I have nearly perfect eyes vision .. Why annual check up?? it is because there have this life time warranty on your eyes vision if the power regain back a lot and we can opt for redo again the lasik laser surgery.. and the condition is we have to go back every year once for the Annual check up at the cost of RM60 as shown in the receipt above. and here is my result of the eyes check up.. 
Only have Astigmatism of 50 left eyes and 100 right eyes.. there is no short sight vision detected.. and no need to wear glasses or do anything.. from the examination that they also see some dry spot in my eyes.. and advise me to use artificial tears more frequently to lubricate my eyes.. 
I hope my eyes vision can be maintain like this forever.. hehehehe.. 

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