Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Father Day 2012

What did you do on Father's Day? do you celebrate Father's day? we just spent time together and we enjoyed the day together.. 
in the morning I brought kakak to dental because she had a very bad tooth pain.. and found out her tooth is dead and she asked doctor to removed the tooth for her which cost RM80.. 
then we went home.. and papa is feeding marcus breakfast.. after breakfast we went for a happy swimming together.. look how enjoy they are to spend time together with papa? 
 then mummy bought a groupon coupon for Hi Tea at Delicious in the late afternoon.. mummy called 3 days in advanced to made the booking so we can have a Hi Tea Celebration together.. For the price of only RM34.70, we got 2 cups of teas and Hi-tea set as picture below.. super "dai".. 
 Hope papa like it.. :)
message to papa: although two little kids are still very young.. but they love you a lot.. when they see you come back from work.. they have a big grin and smile on their face.. they want you to hugs them.. they want & love to play with you..this is how they show they love you..  
we love you.. and hope you enjoy your parenthood!!!

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