Friday, June 1, 2012

Cloth Diaper Review: Grovia Ai2 (Snap)

this is another set of Cloth Diaper that i had.. there is thing i like and dislike about this. but i still keep and using it as i don't resell the CD i has.. I bought this from Tiny Tapir at regular price.. yes i know i bought at the expensive price.. :P but i am eager to try this out upon that time.. so i don't really know where else i can get and i am not an expert that time still.. the photo taken after i bought it from the shop.. so i would like to give a review on this diaper after months of using it.. 

General information about this diaper you can read yourself at

Brand: Grovia
Type: Ai2
Type: One Size (grow with your baby) 
Price range: Shell only RM60 - Soaker (set of 2) RM65 

my reviews are below (scale * Very bad ** Poor *** ok/fair **** Good ***** Excellent)
  1. Prewash - **** it mentioned prewash 3-5 times before use in hot (wash dry wash dry) with detergent but it doesn't mentioned in how many Degree C. So as normal I will prewash 6 times at least for the insert before starting to use it. for the cover I will prewash normal 2-3 times only. 
  2. Ease of Use - **** there are two types of CD closure system they offered. Velcro is easier to adjust but i did my research the velcro cannot last long and it will become less sticky.. that why I bought the Button closure and also is better with bigger kids as is not easy to be remove by the baby.. It is very easy to use as it just snap the soaker onto the shell. as easy as abc.. :P
  3. Absorbency - *** it can last 3 hours at least for my baby.. and is good for day use diaper. but what i not really like is the soaker i bought is not stay dry.. so I have to add on a stay dry liner so baby bum won't feel wet.. as i know they have improved version of the soaker now which come with stay up layer on top. 
  4. Fitting - ***  the overall cutting is big.. so far it doesn't leave any red marks on my baby tights. my baby is 7.5kg now on large setting.
  5. Trimness - **** it is trim and it can be wear over romper. 
  6. Quality - ***** the sewing workmanship is very good. after numerous washes it still look as new. 
  7. Drying time: ** it take forever to dry for me.. it need 2-3 days to totally dry under hot sunny day 
  8. Overall - 3.5* if the drying time can be shorten it will be made this diaper a better choice. As i re-use the shell for 2 changes because i got 2 soaker so the cost work up to be RM62.50 per piece.  for me i feel expensive maybe coz it contained only 1 shell :P. 
Where to buy? you can buy online at many baby shop, as mentioned on top Tiny Tapir also carry this brand. Many other shop like Kasihku Sayangku and others. 

my girl wearing this Diaper and playing with her baby yoga pose.. :P


MieVee @ said...

Hi Yvonne, from where did you buy suede cloth to cut into liners?

MieVee @ said...

Hi Yvonne, from where did you buy suede cloth to cut into liners?

YvOnNe Fong said...

MieVee: i bought it from bamboolite. some mummy they buy from ikea very big piece and cut themself :)

MieVee @ said...

Thank you very much, Yvonne. I also managed to find it at Niceclothdiaper, selling at 1/2 yard for cutting.

Btw, Chloe is a very sweet baby! Love reading your updates. :)


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