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3 Steps to Successful Breastfeeding

Many mummies and readers of my blog actually asking me this question quite frequently.. so I though it will be good to share on this topic again.. i had written this few years ago when I was breastfeeding my Marcus boy.. 
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Feed Early -
  • Within half hour of birth, in the Labour Ward
  • First feed lasts for 10-20 minutes. First day baby feeds 5-6 times a day
Feed Frequently
  • Room in with baby while in Hospital
  • From 2nd day, baby feeds about 1.5 to 2 hourly
  • Baby feeds about 10-12 times per 24 hours
  • Each feed lasts for 20 to 40 minutes or more
  • No limit to duration or frequency of feeds to satisfy suckling needs
  • No need to time the baby and feed whenever baby is hungry
  • At night feed 2 hourly before 12 midnight, then at 2-3 am and again at 5-6am. Good to co-sleep in the same bed with baby.
Feed Properly
  • Hold baby at breast level, lying on his side, chest to chest
  • Stimulate the rooting reflex with nipple touching baby's lips
  • Quickly bring baby to breast when his mouth opens wide
  • Baby latches on properly and prevents sore nipples, when the nipple and much of the areola are in the baby's mouth
  • Allowing suckling till baby sleeps and lets go of the nipple himself
  • Do not pull the baby off the nipple when he is still latched on
  • When off the nipple, and baby cries, put him back on the same breast
  • Allow him to complete one feed on one breast
  • Feed on the other breast at the next feed, 1-2 hours later
  • Colostrum is more than enough for baby till Mature Milk comes in
  • No need to give water, glucose or formula milk
  • Avoid bottles and pacifiers and other artificial nipples as these cause nipple confusion, and breast rejection

from the above 3 steps it look easy to achieve but you need the following ingredients in order for you to be successful:-
  • Strong Determination - strong desire to breastfeed and give the best milk for your baby
  • Hubby support - hubby play very important roles and need to be supportive and encouraging and recognising mummy's hard work 
  • Positive environment - eliminate negative force around you. inform everyone who will be around to support positively and is better to equip the people around with the breastfeeding knowledge (basic one at least) 
  • Peer support - get to know a few friends who has successfully breastfeed their own baby.. and talk to them if you face any problems and difficulties in breastfeeding your baby 
  • Prepare yourself mindfully way before delivery of your baby.. attend breastfeeding class or reading up materials and books 
  • Get ready yourself and set your mindset right from the beginning - breastfeeding does come naturally but to make it a success it is not easy (only on the beginning - and it will be easier and easiest just like ABC once you have established the milk and you are master of it) - why I said this here? it is because i see many mummies fail is due to they though breastfeeding is easy and naturally - that why they don't expect it is tough and when the expectation doesn't match with the reality and they tend to let go and thus fail. 
  • And you must think why I highlighted the two point on top in RED??? - our generation and or our parents generation are all influenced deeply by the Formula Milk company and the knowledge of this generation are practically handling baby care by Formula Milk. that's why there are misconception about the frequency of feeding.. and duration of feeding baby.. as well as how long does baby want to suckers on mummy's breast. 
    • No limit Duration or frequency to satisfy baby's suckling needs - baby has strong suckling desire (this is natural) and by letting baby sucking more meaning you are giving more demand to your breast to work harder for more milk supply to comes to catch up with the demand later on. 
    • Do not look at the clock or to time baby to tell when baby is hungry. Baby know the best.. do you think you know whether if the baby is hungry? they should know best right? so just feed the baby whenever baby is hungry.
ok i hope the above can help any mummy who intend to breastfeed their baby!!!

Again I will say.. I can do it!! Many other mummies can do it!! and YOU can do it as well!!!

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