Friday, May 25, 2012

Mummy's photographer!!

recently a mother suggested to have a photography playgroup because she just bought a DSLR camera.. nowadays i see many many mummies with DSLR camera.. maybe the price has gone down a bit and more affordable for family to have a DSLR camera.. so we also went and have a blush together.. shooting some pictures of our little ones.. and yes you will need a DSLR because our kids is non stop moving.. and you want some clear and sharp pictures of them to keep remembrance of their everyday growing up.. 
but i was late that day and i just shoot a few pictures only.. 
above picture showing me taking picture of Chloe.. and yes this is how i shoot photo.. i kneel and glue myself to the floor very often :) 
another picture of my cutie pie.. 
ops.. i really love this shoot.. chloe's friend.. Jocelyn who is one mth younger than her.. patting on her hair line.. sayang sayang she say.. :) 

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