Monday, May 21, 2012

KK Playgroup - Fire Station Visit

Last Saturday, we went to our long awaiting Fire Station visit.. we sent in letter to Bomba for application to visit Fire Sation and to give a chance for us parents and kids to learn more about Fire Engine.. emergency.. and about Firemen!!! so both the kids and the parents us is super excited and happy to see the real fire engine truck in front of our eyes.. and most important we are allow to touched.. go up to have a sit on the driver side.. to hold the water hose to spray the water.. 
This trip actually is more suitable for bigger kids.. so Marcus enjoy more than Chloe.. :P
the RM 1.6 million Fire Engine Truck.. 
Marcus he want to wear the sun glasses.. so fashionista.. 
everyone listening to a short introduction by the Mr Fireman and we watch a video together.. 
then we are out and we are free to ask any question on the truck and dress code.. they even let us play around the truck.. take pictures..
inside the truck.. this is where MR Firemen sit.. and we have a real Mr firemen here.. 
we are allowed to play with the water hose.. marcus is happy about this.. hehehe
the front view of the fire engine.. look.. so huge.. 
argh.. not to forget to introduce you our little fireman Marcus in action... 
this is the group photo of our visit.. 

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