Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cuti-cuti Malaysia - Kota Kinabalu Sabah - Beach and Swimming in the Sea - Pulau Sapi

This Kota Kinabalu trip is full of first time experiences.. Our first time to go to an Island with our little one.. first time for them to sit on a boat.. first time for them to swim with the fishes.. first time for chloe to dip herself is sea.. so many first times.. and we were all exciting about it.. 

earlier not able to go to pulau because of the weather.. so the next morning we wake up super early to have breakfast and we make ourself to pulau sapi by taking the boat ride from our hotel "Sutera Harbour" the fees is more expensive compare we go to take the boat trip from another Jetty.. but we want fast and convenient that's why we took the boat ride from our hotel instead.. Marcus and Chloe enjoyed a lot.. specially Marcus.. hehe he swim like almost an hour in the sea with papa and kakak.. 

we choose to go Pulau Sapi.. and really no regret getting there... the water there is crystal clear.. the weather in the morning is fantastic.. there are damn many fishes to sea.. some are really rare and nice one.. we brought from bread from the buffet breakfast at the hotel to feed the fishes too.. :P is really a great and highlight of our trip to Kota Kinabalu!! Many do ask is it safe to bring baby and kids.. there you go.. is really safe.. and the island is not far away.. the boat ride is about 15min only.. 

 our first time together in a boat ride.. Marcus and chloe is brave and no make any noise at all.. 
Chloe even want to use her tiny hand to catch the fish!!! whereas marcus seem a bit frighten because too many fishes.. and he also try to catch the fishes after warm up.. 

Snookering equipment and life jacket are all available for renting at the island.. but it is cheaper to rent at the jetty than on the island.. remember to spare cash for deposit of the items you rent..  

haha.. yes i purposely do breastfeeding in the sea and pose to take a pic.. the camera lens got water and end up there is blurry just at the baby place.. :)

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