Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cuti-cuti Malaysia - Kota Kinabalu Sabah - Beach and Swimming in the Sea - Part 1

We thought to take a speed boat to go to Pulau Manukan or Pulau Sapi from our hotel.. but the day seem raining soon.. so we just play at the hotel beach.. it was still very fun for us.. Marcus don't like to stand on the beach.. same as when he is still a baby time like Chloe.. now is still the same.. maybe he don't like the texture.. as for Chloe she doesn't seem dislike it.. coz she didn't complaint about it at all.. :P 
as for the swimming part.. marcus has to swim in the deeper part as he dont like his feet touches anything on the bottom.. so he swim most of the time outside with papa or kakak.. while mummy and chloe chilling at the beach and playing water there.. 
 our family picture.. this is the beach at Sutera Harbour Hotel.. we walked here because the jetty is here.. we end up not able to go.. so we have fun playing at here instead.. 
 sea water here is very clean.. but it is even more clean and clear at the island nearby.. will show you how clean is in in next blog post.. this is Chloe's first time to the beach and Sea oh.. 
we rent the floats and swimming board here at the hotel.. RM10 each for 3 hours.. but we play about 1 hour only.. :P Chloe seem happy !!!

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