Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cuti-cuti Malaysia - Kota Kinabalu Sabah - Part 4 - Mount Kinabalu Park

One day we went to Mount Kinabalu Park.. we rent a car and we drove ourselves there.. :) Thanks to my friend Pei Wei who borrowed me the booster car seat for Marcus.. and the infant baby car seat was included in our car rental.. so do check with your car rental company if they can include the car seat for you.. both of them sleep in the car on the way to there.. but we depart from kk town quite late like around 11am.. so we only managed to got to Mount Kinabalu Park only.. and we visited the Botanical Garden Only.. yes why?? because we arrive there pretty late.. and they are close by 5pm.. we suppose want to go to the Canopy walk also the hot spring.. but because we are too late and we can't make it.. so the advise is if you want to do it a day trip for both.. do depart earliest possible.. but with kids.. we take our own sweet time.. had good breakfast at home.. so end up we only managed to go to Botanical Garden.. but definately we will come again next time and maybe will spent a night at the Mount Kinabalu Park so we can go to the place we missed this round :).. But the scenic along the drive is already a very beautiful.. and no regret we make the trip there.. although it is not very far away.. but due to the roads is quite curvy so it took 3 hours to be there.. 
both angels sleeping in the car.. 
 some orchid in the botanical garden first picture on left top is the smallest orchid in the garden.. right upper is a orchid only existed in Mount Kinabalu and it is protected species (it price thousands for a plant if sell it outside but it is illegal) 
 have you seen Ginger flower before? it is the yellow color flower on the left upper picture.. rest are some other flowers we saw.. 
 you can see quite many trees like the left picture around Mount Kinabalu.. its named "Naked Tree" yes it does look like without any clothing and look nude right??  
 we are lucky as when we arrived they have a schedule tour free with the Handsome guide to explain to the tourist around the garden.. do you think he look like "Tony Leung?"
yes is raining and it quite cold there .. remember to bring jackets and umbrella..
our only family photo here.. 

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