Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cuti-cuti Malaysia - Kota Kinabalu Sabah - Part 1

The Magellan Sutera Harbour.. is a very good and resort feel hotel.. with lots of greens and nice landscape.. i love their breakfast with variety food choice and their swimming pool too.. 
This is out first time having a holiday with a flight on plane.. first time for daddy and mummy to bring the kids.. first time for Marcus @ 2yo 6mo and Chloe @ 6mo.. at the beginning Marcus was afraid because we were taking Air Asia and he was afraid because of the loud noisy aeroplane.. when departure from KL.. he don't want to sit on his own seat and instead he was sitting on his daddy's laps when take off.. and after sometimes he willing to sit on his sit and he fall asleep.. as for Chloe he is stuck on my breast and i breastfeed her when take off and she was very good without any drama.. :) 
Is a totally different experience and expectation when travel with 2 kids.. we are kind of relax and go easy with the things we going to do there.. yes we skip many things because of them.. so we want a relax one.. 
Kota Kinabalu is a small town relatively compare to KL.. is blissful and cozy town.. and sea water is so clean and clear.. we will definitely come again and I love KK!!!
 This is the sunset at out hotel.. 
sunset view and swimming pool @ Magellan Sutera Harbour
 this is the Harbour Jetty 
 View from our room.. 

taking pic like fire fighting.. 
another sun set pic..
 after eating breastfast and we take some pictures next the the pool and restaurant.. 
 Marcus still on his pyjamas.. 
is extremely difficult to take pic with him now.. he want to walk around and dont want to take pic with us.. so we wait until he walk nearby and have a shoot .. so both of them is looking at the floor :(
 attempt again for a family photo.. but failed..
The only one pic of family together which look nicer.. but Chloe must be thinking what's wrong with gor gor why taking picture this time???
 me and my chloe.. 
 again trying for a family shoot and end up like this.. 
 such a peaceful to look at the sunset here.. @ hotel 
father and chloe
 cant take family photo together but at least still can take some shoot of him when he run around.. 
 this another one of him.. 
he sleep in the plane.. 
stay tune for my upcoming post about our trip :) 

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