Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cloth Diaper Review: Autumnz

many mummy asking me about what brands cloth diaper I used and which is good or not good.. so I thought to start writing some reviews of the clothes diaper brands that I have and been using. . 

so this will be the first Cloth Diaper brans that I am reviewing it today.. 

Brand: Autumnz 
Type: Pocket Cloth Diaper (CD) 
Type: One Size (grow with your baby) 
Price range: RM39.90 

  • One size from birth to potty training
  • Tested to fit babies/toddlers from 3 kg - 18 kg
  • Soft inner microfleece lining, to keep baby dry and rash free
  • Luxuriosly soft MINKY outer
  • Easy to use snap buttons closure
  • 3 x 3 snap design to give a snug fit
  • Easy to clean and quick drying

Above is the features copied from

my reviews are below (scale * Very bad ** Poor *** ok/fair **** Good ***** Excellent)

  1. Prewash - **** it mentioned wash several times before use. but it doesn't mentioned how many times. So as normal I will prewash 6 times at least for the insert before starting to use it. for the cover I will prewash normal 2-3 times only. so i will give it a 
  2. Ease of Use - **** there are two types of CD closure system they offered. Velcro is easier to adjust.. but Button closure is better with bigger kids as is not easy to be remove by the baby.. the pocket opening is consider big.. and quite easy to stuff the insert inside. 
  3. Absorbency - *** it can last 2-3 hours.. and is good for day use diaper. 
  4. Fitting - ***  the overall cutting is bigger than the other CD i had.. if baby has chunky thighs then this will be ideal
  5. Trimness - ** it is very bulky specially the minky version thus not so suitable for Newborn up to 3 months old. but it is good for big and chunky thighs baby.. 
  6. Quality - **** the sewing workmanship is good. after numerous washes it still look as new. for the price of RM39.90, this is consider a good diaper within this price range. 
  7. Drying time: **** it dry within a sunny day
  8. Overall - *** for the price this is consider a good buy and we can mixed and match with more expensive range of CD for whole day usage.
Where to buy? you can buy online at their website or they have many retailers carrying their brands. Or normally they will be at all kind of baby fair in town (this you can get discount like around 28% normally on the CD). 

stay tune for other diaper review. 

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