Friday, May 11, 2012

Chloe @ 7 months old

My Chloe girl reach 7 months and 2 weeks old now.. this picture was taken on the dot when she turn 7 months old. . 

weight: 7.4kg 
height: 63cm 

let's see her milestone development:-
she can now clap hands 
Sitting unsupported for very long time
Sitting and reaching out for toys 
Creeping on stomach a little backwards.. but always complaints.. 
Recognising toys 
Play Peek a boo.. 
Sleep through the nights (only 1 feeding at night) 
a lot of interaction with us.. 
and many funny expression.. 
she eating 2 meals now (lunch and dinner) 

I feel happy and sad at the same time.. Happy because my baby is growing up well and healthy.. Sad also because she growing up too fast.. I hold her tight the other day and smell her baby sense and kisses her and told her.. "Can you be forever mummy's baby?".. yes, that's the feeling.. it is very contradict feeling.. a very mixed feeling.. I think you can only understand me if you are a mother yourself.. I will definitely missed this moments.. and every time she smile with me.. she melts my heart.. i always feel to give her a very big and tight hugs.. Oh!! my baby chloe is growing up too fast!!

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