Friday, April 13, 2012

Semi Solid Food Introduction to Baby - Chloe's food log

As i have blog last time about the guideline to introduce semi solid to your little baby.. best age is 6 months old.. no earlier and no later.. reason earlier their digestion inner system not yet really fully ready for semi solid digestion (this is according to a survey done in UK and the survey said if intro it too early it is somehow related to higher chance when they older they are higher risk to get sickness like high blood pressure, high colestrol etc) no later because at this age they start to get mobile and they need more energy to grow!!! 
Am really THANKS GOD that Chloe love food.. she is very much different from her big brother.. which he hate to eat basically.. but Chloe seem enjoying food much.. But, she is also too smart to know what she like and dislike.. so far i am following the 4 days rules to introduce new food to her.. and the list below is food that i already tried:-
  1. Brown baby rice - she loves it
  2. Pear (green color) - she loves it 
  3. Brocoli - she loves it 
  4. Spinach - she loves it 
  5. Pumpkin - she hate it 
  6. Avocado - she not so likes it - got a bit rashes after eating  

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Dipti said...

Hey, its really nice blog post for solid food to baby and wonderful list you have shared.


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