Saturday, April 14, 2012

KK Playgroup - First Aid Knowledge Sharing

Recently there are few cases of baby dead due to choking.. so I though it will be a good idea for mummies to equip ourself with some knowledge of First Aid.. so we organised a knowledge sharing playgroup.. and each mummy take a topic and research and study to share with other mummies what to do if emergency happened.. and i hv learned a lot today.. and thks for all the mummies sharing :) 
 finally a pic of us.. but too bad chloe didnt look at the camera..
 demo session!!!
and our group pic.. 


Anonymous said...

May I know how to join this group? I have a kid age 2 and I am very interested to join this group. Thanks. Celia Chan

MDOB said...

Good to have such a useful knowledge. Oh ya, do contact me if you guys are having another round of PG at your place. I want to join the fun too!!


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