Thursday, March 1, 2012

How to Wash Cloth Diaper?

I normally will put suede cloth diaper line which is actually stay dry.. or I will put disposable diaper liner as below: 
1. if CD is not soiled then just jump to step 4 below. if CD is soiled like the pic below. remove the soiled liner from the CD.
 2. throw it straight into the toilet bowl and flash it away.
 3. use the below spray to spray away any poo on the washable diaper liner into the toilet bowl straight away. if some poo on the CD also spray away the poo into the toilet bowl.. 
 4. place the dirty diaper into a pail and wait for laundry day - now normally I wash the CD every 2 days so it is not so wastage on the detergent and wash and electric.. 
5. put all the dirty CD into washing machine and wash on the washing day. you may add one extra rinse b4 the real washing start but this is optional actually. I only put half of the recommended amount of detergent. 

Detergent specially formulate for CD washing:-
- Autumnz - Baby safe laundry detergent 
- BumGenius Diaper Detergent 
- Pureen HAD 
- Tiny Bubbles Detergent
there are more other brand :)


~hushling~ said...

Hi Yvonne, want to keep the diapers for 2 days only wash, won't it grow mold on the cloth? I always get my maid to wash it straight away after use/rinse. I'm using Autumnz and bamboolite.

YvOnNe Fong said...

Hi Husling.. so far no bor.. i rinse the poo away before putting it on a dry pail to wait for laundry day..

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