Friday, March 23, 2012

Expressed Breast Milk Donation

As you may know I have been donating my Expressed Breast Milk (EBM) to someone who needed it.. Why would I want to donate it? It is really like my fresh and bone.. it's all my hard works in establishing and pumping it out.. as this is the reason too I want to share it with others who needed and appreciated it so I can help others needy people on this... don't wish my liquid gold to go on waste or vein if is unconsumed in time.. but i would actually clarify much on the recipients before i decide to donate my milk to.. reason is simple I don't wish my milk to be wasted!!! 
so far i have donated the following milks.. 
1. Ti-Ratana Orphanage Center Kuchai Lama  
2. 25 bags of 9oz milk to a 3 year olds little girl who is disable and doctor said only EBM can help her.. 
3. below also is donated to the 3 year old little girl.. 
4. 2 bottle 5oz milk donated to my cousin newborn while waiting her own breast milk to establish.. I am proud of her as she is now also a fully breastfeeding mother!!! 
in between I have a full freezer of milk wasted.. it was about 70bags of 8oz milk!!! so i don't wish it to happened again and since I knew all my milk is excess so I will collect sizeable and donate again to the needy.. But now I got no spare milk to be donated to others because my elder son Marcus.. now is on full EBM too he is having around 16oz of my milk everyday too.. after he consumed my EBM, he no longer has constipation problems.. :) 
so, as conclusion if you are blessed with so much milk and please share your happiness with others too!! 
Happy Pumping!!!


Anonymous said...

Very impress to you......

Anonymous said...


good job! Well done! I am very proud of u!


Anonymous said...

Hi Yvonne,

I have EBM too. Finding a hard time to find someone who would take my EBM. Any advice?

Kenny (Ms)


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