Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chloe @ 6 months old

time flies really fast.. my chloe now turn 6 months old and she is now starting semi solid food.. mummy has been praying everyday that Chloe will love to eat and like to enjoy food.. and Thanks GOD.. she really like eating and she has been doing very well from day 1... I hope she continues to be loving her food.. :) 

Age: 6 months old 
Weight: 7.2kg 
Height: 63cm 

Chloe.. mummy will make many many yummy delicious food for you.. looking at you eating mummy feel so happy and released really.. mucks.. mucks.. mucks.. 

 Chloe's signature smile.. 
she will just open her mouth when the spoon is near her mouth.. yum.. yum.. 


Anonymous said...

She is so cute. Lovely!!!!!

Mrs. Teo said...

Hi Yvonne, can I have your confinement lady's contact? My email is

Thank you very much...


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