Monday, March 19, 2012

Chloe @ 5.5months

recently have been real busy and neglect a bit on the posting here.. don't wish to miss any update on my life and baby life too.. so when they are older they can actually look back like a diary for them on their everyday growing up.. and it also serve me when i was older and forgotten abt it.. it was always been good to read back what i had written so far and to see their growth.. dory memory mummy really need something to help to keep for remembrance.. 
Chloe @ 5.5 months old.. she is really a happy baby.. her laughters.. giggles.. smiles.. always melts my heart.. and even ppl around her.. even when I am dead tired.. by just looking at her sweetie smiles at me.. I can kind of recharged a bit.. she is like an angel to me.. she know how to pretend crying.. she know how to complaint when she been left alone for a few minutes.. and she roll over on 18 Feb 2012.. every time she roll over onto her tummy.. then she will start complaining and start shouting for help.. she also can sit on unsupported for a while..  I have started her on full time Cloth Diapering for 2 mths already.. 
Chloe: mama prayed to GOD that health and happiness always with you forever.. 


Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

She is really a sweet cutie pie! Like her smile very much!!

Anonymous said...

Chloe looks like papa a bit, looks like mama's a wonderful combination that makes such angelic bb. KC


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