Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Update on Kindergarten Progress

Recently has been very busy.. until no time to update my blog..  
Time flies so fast and Marcus has been going to school for two weeks already.. I can tell he love to go to school.. He love his classmates and teachers.. 
he never really put up a battle of fighting to not want to go to school since day one.. for the first 5 days he did cry when we leaving him there in the kindergarten but soon after we are out of sight he stop crying actually.. the feeling is very complicated for me as a mother.. he has all grown up to me out of sudden.. the feeling of mixture of happiness and worrying are so strong for the first 3 days when I sent him to school.. but now I feel release of knowing he start to enjoy his school.. 
He got this weird pattern now.. morning at home after breakfast and bath he refused to wear his uniform.. and he will happily wear it when we arrived at the car park and get changed inside the car.. he is excited of going to school.. just like yesterday he jumping excitedly and said BYE and wave hand to kakak when we about to leave to school.. YES!!! HE SAID BYE for few times.. loud and clear!!!
today.. teacher told me he start enjoying and involving himself in the class activities.. he start babbling in the class and play and chase after his fellow classmates.. it was real cool to know he is doing well and getting progress in it.. am really hope this will help on his speech development too.. 
Message to Marcus : Mummy hoping you will start talking soon!!


Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

He is such an adorable & good boy!

~hushling~ said...

I'm sure he'll talk very soon. If you remembered, I exchanged information with you about my boy, same age as Marcus, went to the same theraphy at Sunway. I sent him to school in January and after 5 months now, he's talking non-stop already. I believed the school helps alot better than theraphy. Luckily I didn't go through the theraphy. Now I'm going through the guessing game everyday trying to understand what my boy tells me, which is fun! They will go through a phase where their pronounciation not accurate. However, I'm really happy that my boy finally talking alot now. Hope Marcus can start to become a chatterbox soon.

juju said...

Very cute...


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