Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Terms You Need To Know About Cloth Diaper

As a newbies will always confused with all kind of choices and terms that is using in describing and differentiating different type of cloth diaper (CD) available in the market.. after I takes sometimes in understanding it.. I would like to share with my reader so you have clearer pictures about CD if you would like to start CDing your little one.. 

Type of CD:-

Pocket CD - with insert (meaning a CD with a opening for you to insert the microfibre/bamboo/charchoal/cotton insert - wash the whole Pocket CD everytime after used (below is Autumnz's Minky Snap pocket CD)

All in One - AIO - meaning it is one whole piece the absorbent layer (some call it soaker/insert) are sew to the cover/shell - wash the whole AIO everytime after used (below is sample AIO diaper (BumGenius 4.0 Freetime)

All in Two - AI2 - the absorbent layer (soaker/insert) are not sew or attached to the shell/cover. you will place/attach the absorbent layer on top of the inner cover/shell. You can wash only the insert/soaker after each changes without soil, shell/cover can be reused for twice but some mother change the whole set due to hygiene. Once soiled change the whole set. (below is AI2 Grovia)

Pre-fold Diaper - there is cover/shell and the absorbent layer is a big piece of cloth which u need put fold it and place on top of the inner cover to wear it.

Terms used commonly:

  1. CD - Cloth Diaper
  2. OS - one size - meaning the CD is adjustable to fit your little one normally from 3kg - 15kg
  3. Fitted - mean there is sizing S, M, L size
  4. AIO - All in One 
  5. AI2- All in Two 
  6. Folded/ prefold CD
  7. PUL - Polyurethane laminated - is type of material used in Cover/shell - waterproof 
  8. Minky - type of material used in cover/shell - soft and pushy 
  9. Shell/cover - the part prevent the wee/poo from leaking
  10. Insert/soaker - the absorbent layer 
  11. Doubler/booster - a mini add on insert/soaker to increase the capacity of the absorbency
  12. Microfibre / cotton / Bamboo / charcoal cotton / fleece - are all different types of material used in making the CD 
  13. Velcro - is type of the fastening of the CD - it function similarly like a sticker
  14. Snap/buttons - is type of the fastening of the CD - it snap it on like a button


8216 said...

is this CD good?
some said it depends on brand, is it?

YvOnNe Fong said...

Hey 8612.. well there are cheap and affortable brand.. there are expensive imported one also.. different price give u different quality lor.. and its also depend on personal preferences and also depend on baby.. some CD is small cutting then chunky thighs baby cant wear.. some very bulky not slim fit.. so again is depend on individual actually.. :)

Yes i will say is good.. now my Chloe girl on 100% CDing.. :)

Agnes Lim Woon Nee said...

Hi Yvonne, i got to know ur blog from mummiesconnect :)
My boy is 3 months old but quite big size 6.9kg now.
i plan to start CD-ing but do not know where to start, which brand would u recommend?


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