Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kinderland Kindergarten Kota Kemuning

  1. Methodolody - Play based & activities based
  2. Mandatory Language - English but is trilingual Kindergarten 
  3. School hours - 8.30am-12pm 
  4. School fees: RM350/mth, advance deposit 1 mth, registration fees RM80, Material fees RM240 (2 times a year), Uniform RM30/set (min 2-3 set), Studen PA insurance RM20
  5. Not very academic driven (3 and 4 yo class no homework - then 5 - 6 with homework) - pre-writing skills
  6. Class size - max 16 students 
  7. Teacher : Student Ration - 1:8 (1 class will have 2 teachers) 
  8. Syllabus for age 3 - Theme based Learning, Kindermusic, art and craft, music and movement, self help 
  9. Snack is provided by school
  10. After school activities - drama, drawing etc but from age 4 
  11. Student are allow to play outdoor 3 times week 
  12. Safety policy: conventional key lock system. Got the sign in and out for pick up and drop off. Door is locked always. Morning there is health check (temperature and syndrome for Hand food mouth disease) 
  13. Teaching method - activities based 
  14. Discipline method - Encouragement and time out. 1 to 1 talk. No Cane. 
  15. School established - 7 years (at KK)
  16. They send the teacher for training in-house and outside too. 
  17. Teacher qualification - diaploma in early childhood
  18. Progress check - 2 times a year record book, teacher - parent communications once a week, there is a assessment book that teacher will right the progress of our child 
  19. classroom concept - class room style 
  20. I don't feel very welcome but also don't feel not welcome 
  21. Cleanliness - slightly better than average 
  22. no visible of student drawing and works in the classroom
  23. Not to say ventilation in classroom not very good but not as bad 
  24. they have mini toilet bowl for the kids and have mini hand rails at staircase. 
  25. student are given chance to express themselves 
  26. classroom and school are relatively crowded and place look a little bit messy (maybe due to space constrain) 
  27. excursion 1 time a year from 4 yo class
  28. Others - extra: they hv keyboard learning from 4yo onwards, computer lesson twice (from age 4)
  29. Reaction when i said Marcus not yet verbalised: (positive) she said that's why need to send to school so that they have opportunity to learn to speak out more.

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