Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Marcus going to Kindergarten

finally we had made up our mind and choose Tunas Riang for Marcus!! I keep telling him that he is going to school.. what he going to do in the school.. then mummy will come to pick him up after school.. tell him will have teachers and friends to play with.. in school will be fun.. 
yesterday we even had a rehearsal on dressing the school uniform and mummy and daddy driving him to school.. am not sure how much he understand us.. but he actually refused to wear his uniform!!!
and oh my!! in my mind i was thinking.. Oh My God.. my baby Marcus no longer a baby.. he is going to school now!! times flies really fast.. 
I am now in the dilemma of mama separation anxiety... keep worrying and my uncertainty level is so high now!! not sure if he will be ok in the school.. not sure if he can eat his breakfast in the school.. not sure if he will wee in his pant or not... not sure if he is ready to go.. not sure if he going to love the idea of go to school or not.. so on and so forth.. 
Message to Marcus: mummy love you.. mummy hope you enjoy ur life.. enjoy learning.. enjoy playing.. enjoy ur school.. be brave my son!!!! 


~hushling~ said...

Hi Yvonne,

Don't worry so much. When I first send my boy to school, I have all the same feeling like you. The most worried is that he doesn't know how to tell me if he's not happy coz not talking much. After 3 days watching him in school, he slowly get use to it and actually love going to school. Give them some time to settle down. Oh, 1 thing I try not to do is that i don't keep mentioning "school" when I know he's not happy about it. when time comes, he'll slowly know that going school is fun. Yeah, once they go school, you will see them grow up very fast.

YvOnNe Fong said...

Hushling.. thanks for your message.. tomorrow will be the day.. I hope teacher let me stay for the school.. finger cross everything will be fine.. :)

Anonymous said...

Just started to send my 2 years old girl to school. Based on their experience, the child will cope with the environment faster without parents staying in. My child cried a lots for the first few days, and only for a while today.. She started to show sign of loving school. Hope she will be doing well. Anyway, perhaps u can send ur child at a later time and pick him up earlier.. Best wishes to you and Marcus..

Anonymous said...

What is the ideal age to enrol to school?
My boy is 2 next month.

YvOnNe Fong said...

it is depend on individual.. for me i sent earlier is because doctor ask me to send to.. maybe it can help to speed up his speech development.

Sherry said...

Still thinking which kindly send my toddler next yr he is 4


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