Saturday, February 11, 2012

Malaysia Breastfeeding Peer Counsellor Program

I am proudly to tell that I am now a certified Malaysian Breastfeeding Peer Counsellor. . Last week during the weekend and public holidays I had attended this course to equip myself with better knowledge in order to help/assist and promote breastfeeding.. 
I may not know everything in this subject matters but I will try my very best to support any mother who want to breastfeed their baby.. 
below are some pictures that I captured during the class to share with everyone.. I believe with the patients we all have towards breastfeeding we will be able to help many mummies out there to successfully breastfeed their little one..
 these mummies are pumping in peace some reading.. some doing homework.. 
 Chloe also attended the 3 days course together with mummy.. 
 the place we had our training for 3 days.. and thanks to the organiser although it was public holiday but with their commitment toward breastfeeding we all together made this training course a successful one. 
 chloe and other baby also is little peer counselor on breastfeeding matters oh.. they are the little prof in sucking the breast!!!
 Me nurse in pease during the class and discussing with others. 
 are been taught on how to help mother to breastfeed after they had their c-sec..  
 this is a closing activities - and we just form a new network to help any mothers out there with breastfeeding issue. I am proud I am one of them too!!
 Cert presentation.. I am a graduate of this course now!!
 our breast model.. same with real life.. it comes with all different kind of shapes and presentation.. 
 mummies and baby who has complete this course together.. 
proudly presented my certificate!! 

To whom (my friends, my reader) whoever need support on breastfeeding might drop me an email via the Contact Form I will try my very best to reply and help you through your breastfeeding journey.. :)


Anonymous said...

Glad to be helped by Yvonne, the bf counsellor!

Anonymous said...

Glad to be helped by Yvonne, the bf counsellor! Kc

June said...

Hi Yvonne, can i check with you if you know of any lactation counselor or classes that I can attend for breastfeeding? I'm in my 23 weeks now and eager to go through some classes on breastfeeding specifically before I have my baby. I have signed up for a Parent Craft class but thought it would be best I get connected with lactation consultants that are fully trained in breastfeeding and able to do home visits (if necessary)

zatul said...

congratulation! i can see me in the picture..yeay!


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