Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kindergarten Tunas Riang Bukit Rimau

This is our kindergarten search and school tour.. forgot to take pic of the inside of the building but overall i like their concept and cleanliness..  below the summary of my tour and observation

  1. Methodolody - montessori + play based 
  2. Mandatory Language - English but is trilingual Kindergarten 
  3. School hours - 8am-12pm 
  4. School fees: RM380/mth, advance deposit 1 mth, registration fees RM80, Material fees RM560 (2 times a year), Uniform RM96 (2 set), P.E attire RM30, Studen PA insurance RM20
  5. Not very academic driven (3 and 4 yo class no homework - then 5 - 6 with homework) - no writing for age 3 class
  6. 6yo classes got divide into 2 types (SMK primary school - which teach BM and English) and (Chinese school primary - focus more on mandarin) 
  7. Class size - max 25 students 
  8. Teacher : Student Ration - 1:8 (1 class will have 3 teachers) 
  9. Syllabus for age 3 - teaching a-z for english, bahasa melayu, 1-10 for english, art and craft, music and movement, science 
  10. Snack - 9.15am - 9.30am (parents need to provide snack ourself - reason due to allergy possibility) 
  11. After school activities - optional young discovery programe which is from 12pm - 2pm (lunch provided and will have montessori play and other enrichment program) - RM250 
  12. Student are allow to play outdoor once a week 
  13. Safety policy: every morning there is a temperature gun to measure all kids and parents who enter the school if fever cannot go through. They have cctv in all classroom and outdoor. Parent are required to fill in a authorization list who can pick up our kid other than parents, if other than the list we parents need to give the school the picker's IC number and they will check before release our kid. All entrance into the school are locked or with the digital key access system. 
  14. Teaching method - flash card and etc.. no TV teaching
  15. Discipline method - 1 to 1 talk with the kids, or when kids misbehave teacher will make the kid stand next to teacher for 5 minutes then talk to him/her and explain before let him back to mix with other kids again. No Cane. 
  16. School established - 2002 
  17. They send the teacher for training in-house and outside too. 
  18. Progress check - 2 times a year. but we can chat with the teacher when we send our kid to school everyday. 
  19. classroom concept - open concept. each class is divided by racks only 
  20. I feel welcomed 
  21. Cleanliness - yes very clean and toilet also very clean :) 
  22. in classroom can see a lot of kids drawing hanging around 
  23. classroom has good ventilation 
  24. they have mini toilet bowl for the kids
  25. student are given chance to express themselves 
  26. classroom and school are spacious
  27. excursion only have on 2nd semester of 4 yo class
  28. Reaction when i said Marcus not yet verbalised: (positive) he can learn at school and from other peer kids.. 


Quennie Chong said...

I would like to send my daughter as well, do they provide day care?

Anonymous said...

Hi Yvonne , just to ask whether are you still continue your son class in Tadika tunas Riang next year ? The fees has gone up high sky.

Anonymous said...

Hi , are you continue your son with the Tadika tunas Riang as the school has increase a lot.


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