Friday, February 10, 2012

Chloe @ 4.5 months

Chloe is such a happy baby she is now 4 month and 2 weeks old (but the picture taken below when she is 3.5 mths old.. she is cheerful and very responsive :) is all worth while even I am so tired and restless.. seeing her smile I feel everything is worth and he just melt my heart everyday..

Today Chloe is at 4 months 2 weeks and 1 days old..
weight: 6.8kg
height: 61cm

Developmental Progress
She still not yet rolling over
Rock like an aeroplane
Sitting with support
Swaps object from hand to hand
Teeth - 1 came out (bottom) and 1 more coming out (bottom)
Wave Rattle
Make noise with rattle
Drop and Pick up game
Sleeping through nite
Utter sound "m"/"b"
more define emotions 
she can laugh out loud with sound.. so cute and funny.. 
she is so lovely and her smile is so sweet.. 
finally i can lift my head up like this loh.. :)

Chloe -- mummy love you to bit!!!

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