Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1st Day of Kindergarten

Today, Marcus first day going to school.. suddenly I feel he has all grown up.. he seem happy in the morning that I told him we are going to school.. and I have actually prepare a piece of cake that he loves and put a candle and sing "happy birthday song" to him.. is not his birthday but cannot think of other song to sing.. and he love "happy birthday song" and blow candle after the singing.. so i want him to know we are celebrating this milestone with him.. and going to school is happy and fun.. 
when we arrived at the car park.. we walk him into the school.. teacher take our temperature and then walk us to his classroom.. that time my heart was really heavy that we have to left him there.. we were standing in the class for like 10 minutes I think.. and and kissed him and told him to sit down and mummy go to sit in the teacher room.. later will come to bring him home.. but he seem want to follow us out the classroom.. so end up teacher carry him and try to make him sit and we walk to a side that he cannot see us.. I am holding hard on my tears.. and I think my eyes was red that time.. Teacher came out from the classroom like 5 min later and told us he is alright!! he did cry for a while and then no more crying after a teacher holding him.. then we slowly walk to canteen and i try to peep him and really see him no crying and the teacher is holding him.. 
after like 15 min.. then i saw the whole class was holding hand and queueing to go to the toilet.. and I saw Marcus was holding teacher's hand and he walk at the last one.. he look so cute and slumber walking together with other kids.. I feel release seeing him so calm and can mix in with the crowd.. really feel happy and proud of him.. my feeling is so complicated and contradict.. I feel happy, sad, don't want to let go, worrying, proud and so on.. 
so we left the school after almost an hour.. coz we can't peep in much the class.. and when I go pick him at the school.. i saw teacher holding his hand and walk him out from the gate.. and he looked blur.. but once he saw me and he smiles.. it really melted my heart.. 
Parenting: this is just a phrase that every parent have to gone through.. and we need to learn to let go so they can explore their own little world and have fun with their own friends.. 
My dear son Marcus: I hope you enjoy learning and enoy your school time!!!
 simple celebration for him in the morning before going to school.. 
we are all ready to go!!
in the afternoon and he fall of sleep standing!! hmm.. maybe he is too tired?? so cute my little marcus son!! 

mama loves you forever.. 


Anonymous said...

Marcus was really tired...he so cute :)

Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

So cute & brave Marcus. I can foresee I will have the same feeling as you if I send my girl to kinder one day later... Mixed feeling...

Anonymous said...

Cute and funny!
wow sleeping standing... that's like never seen before! Little champion Marcus! ;-)



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