Friday, January 6, 2012

Why preschool is important?

above is a title post that I read at ParenThots today.. and I has been trying to see what system of education is good and the most important is "suitable" for marcus.. as parents, yes.. i admitted sometimes I will be kiasu too.. but come to early childhood education I always think that at such a young age.. he is now 27 months old.. he should be playing than studying his ABC.. unlike us last time.. we were playing  at 'tepi longkang' and trying to catch the longkang fishes.. running in the greens and playing stones and whatever things that we can found with our neighbours friends.... and the kids nowadays are very much confined in home.. which they don't get interaction with others kids.. this is one of the reason why I initiated the KK Playgroup which I hope he can have peers and friends with other kids.. so after reading the post today at ParenThots.. I am reassured that what I have in mind is correct way to go.. I want to find him a play-based school.. which to let him to go to school to have fun.. to have friends.. to learn to socialise with others..  

Below are some sentences in the post that give me reassurance on the type of kindergarten I should be looking for.. 

"In 1975, a study in Germany compared play-oriented with academic -oriented kindergartens. A total of 1,000 children and 100 classes were monitored until they reached fourth grade (9/10 years old). The study found that children from play-oriented kindergartens excelled over the latter group in all areas of development – physical, social and emotional and mental. Though children from academic-oriented kindergartens had a head start and were accelerating, they lost interest in learning or suffered from burnout by the time they were nine or 10." 

“We should encourage but not force the child,”

“Parents shouldn’t be over-anxious about their child not being able to catch up with their peers,” Dr Chiam advises. “Children develop at different rates and many are late bloomers. We must also recognise that they are given different talents.

“More importantly, parents should be observant and expose their child to as vast an experience as possible for him to develop his interests and allow his talents a chance to grow.”

criteria of a good kindergarten:-

“as long as the school focuses on the development of the child.”
 The school curriculum must be appropriate for the child’s development.
Children are individuals who develop at different paces so the ratio of students to teacher should be small to allow the teacher to pay sufficient attention to each child. For example, the class should not have more than 15 students to a teacher.
Standardised testing is a big no-no.

Dr Chiam: ‘The best form of early childhood education should be child-centred and focused on hands-on learning.'


n i l e e y said...

I kept a copy of the article as well for future reference, although my bb is only 4 months old! I agree that children should play more when young, because they will spent the next 20+ years studying!

Collin said...

Such a great and informative post. This is really helpful for parents as well as the teachers to know the importance of preschool.


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