Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Swim Playgroup

Last weekend we went to a swimming themed Playgroup.. a friend whose house having a salted pool and invited us over for a pot luck and swim playgroup.. a lot of mummies turn up.. and mummies are having fun chit chatting to each other and the kids are happily playing and munching around.. marcus now will have more interaction with other kids.. he will kind of like passing things and showing interest on what's other babies are doing.. he is also very enjoying going for playgroup nowadays.. 
in the swimming pool.. marcus was the only independent swimmer.. he is wearing the floats clothes and he can swim all over the pool on himself.. I am happy to see he can swim on his own.. and he really love swimming.. :) 
 the fat mummy with my handsome boy marcus.. 
I did bring along Chloe too.. but I didn't let her swim this time.. :) 
this was the pool and you see all the mummies and baby and kids around and playing.. we had real fun that day.. taking this photo while i nurse in peace on a swing.. :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Yvonne

May I know where did you get the following for Marcus & Chloe?

1) Swim suit - with thermal & floatable? (& how to choose?)
2) I saw you have inflatable pools, where did you get the electric pump?

Thanks in advance!

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