Monday, January 30, 2012

Cloth Diaper Addict

Not to say I am new to cloth diapering (CDing) because I have been CDing Marcus last time but only on a part time basis. But recently I am really crazy and addicted to CD.. there are just so nice to wear on my baby Chloe.. and now I plan to full time CDing Chloe.. last time I am only doing part time with Marcus and never serious about understand it.. but it is really not easy for a beginner to understand all those terms (I will share with you in future on the terms on Cloth Diaper as much as I know it and brands that I used and which are good and not so good) 
now I can say I love the CD so much and I am like addicted to it. Reason why I love to CDing?
  • fashionable
  • breathable
  • chemical free (the chemical in disposable diaper is very bad especially for girls)
  • comfortable (we woman wear pads for 5-7 days also feel uncomfortable not to say baby wearing 24 x 7 right?) 
  • Reusable 
  • Cost saving in long run 
  • Eco-friendly (must go green now for our next generation) 
  • Got resell value (if good condition can resell to others)  

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