Saturday, December 3, 2011

Speech delayed - Interaction play

Marcus has went to his hearing test at Sunway Hospital and it is cleared that he hearing is normal.. and he went to Speech Assessment at SpeecHelp.. the result of the assessment said that his Listening/reception/understand is at 1.5 years old child.. while his speech is like a 9 months old baby.. He had gone to speech therapy for 3 times so far.. and the speech therapist actually didn't manage to get him to even vocalise at all.. I was hoping that the therapy may help him.. but my dearest son he is actually very shy.. first the environment is new to him .. 2nd the therapist is new to him too.. so he normally goes extremely quiet in these situation.. and what the therapist doing with him was "interactive play" whereby she give him toys and play with him and talk to him while playing.. and she request us to do the same at home everyday for 1 hour at least.. and don't let him watch TV.. even watch also maximum of 1 hour per day... but I am still thinking should I continue to let him to go for the speech therapy.. :( dilemma.. 
anyway.. below are some picture when I do interactive play with him at home.. 
we are playing play dough.. 
marcus is learning to use scissor.. and see little cute pie Chloe at the background.. and this lovely Marcus gor gor actually didn't forget to on the music for mei mei while he playing too.. 
he is using both hand to operate the scissors.. haha.. 

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