Friday, December 9, 2011

Sibling Bonding Session

One morning both of them wake up and Chloe mei mei is doing the routine play gym (she still only staring at the light and toys.. can see she try to lift her hand to touch the toys.. but she is still not able to do so.. got to practise more!! ^^).. Marcus Gor Gor woke up too and he came and want to join in and play together with mei mei.. So I let him lying down next to mei mei.. and he is like pointing fingers and tell mei mei "mei mei see this??"
An update on Marcus Jealousy.. he is now much much better.. almost back to the normal self.. :) mummy is happy!!! his wee wee pattern back to normal.. he don't simply and easily crying non stop.. he is a happy boy again!!!
Marcus: mei mei u see the light here??
Mei Mei: yeah yeah i saw it.. nice gor gor..
marcus: mei mei gor gor sayang you ar...

1 comment:

KC said...

Great to know that Marcus boy finally manage to overcome his inner challenge and be a happy boy again! Great job to both Marcus boy and mummy.


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