Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nurse in Peace - Breastfeeding baby everywhere and anywhere..

This is the only time I am damn proud with my kicik meow boobs.. ok.. they turn to be bigger after I start breastfeeding.. And I am really proud of my two boobs simply because they do a marvellous job on producing breast milk even though the size is small.. yet they able to produce so much that I can feed my elder son too!! And I will sayang them (my boobs) by buying good bra for them.. :p
ok.. back to the topic.. Nurse In Peace (NIP).. when I go out shopping, dining and so on.. I will just find a place to sit down and feeding anywhere and everywhere.. as long as I get a place to sit.. as this is my 2nd time breastfeeding my baby.. so I get to be very hand on and expert on NIP.. and I can handle it all on myself without any help from others.. most of the time ppl will give me weird look specially at shopping mall if they know what I am doing.. but, hey.. what's the matter you looking at me like I am doing something disgusting and weird?? Not that you suppose to feel that you are weird if you think I am disgusting by feeding my own baby??? God created us with boobs which produce milk and the purpose of it is to breastfeed our baby... what's wrong with it?? specially the older generation.. which they are all infected (why I use "infected" as the word as they are like got the virus deep in their mind just like sick people) by the advertisement of those big big formula milk company.. and please think when there is no formula milk exist those days.. the mummies is also doing the same.. breastfeeding our little angle.. so, I never think shy and shame to feed my hungry baby.. Just that I will do it and i won't let you see my boobs definitely and I do it discretely... you paid me to show you.. I won't too, ok!!!! 
so mummy out there.. just do what you think is right and don't be shy about NIP!!!! I am damn proud of it leh!! hahaha.. shiok sendiri :P
 breastfeeding Chloe at Daorea Korea BBQ.. I normall life the ponco and let the head out for a breath.. if not pity the baby sweating like hell.. 
 feeding Chloe again at Harley Davidson Cafe...(I am damn chubby.. beh tahan)
 this most happening.. at Ikano Starbucks sitting by the streets where hundreds of ppl walking here and there... no choice cannot find table inside the shop.. :)
See my little chubby Chloe.. she is so contended and happy after feeding.. :)

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KC said...

Haha, you really BF everywhere and anywhere leh...Salute!

Btw, you look great as a mommy and as a woman


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