Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Natural Remedy for FLU - Chloe and Marcus down with Flu

My poor little girl Chloe got the flu virus from Marcus and she was down with flu yesterday.. she couldn't sleep well the whole afternoon due to the nose was blocked with mucus.. I can hear the mucus sound when she breath.. and if once I put her down at her cot to sleep she will cry but once I hold her upright then she can sleep well.. so I believe when lying her flat on the cot she can't breath properly due to nose blocked.. 
so, I am very heartache and it make me really tired when kids with sick.. and recently there are many discussion in the mummies group in FB and telling about natural remedy/natural healing method to treat the little one.. so, I asked again with Teri a great mummy who believed in natural healing.. and she told me what to do.. so I just followed.. it was in the morning I started the remedy.. 
  1. Peel one whole onion and slice 2 pcs and put in the sole of the feet of baby then wear socks (but I wear booties for Chloe) then diced the remaining onion and place in a small bowl and place near the head baby sleep. 
  2. For baby below 6 months, smashed (tumbok) Kunyit/Turmeric and apply the juice at the bridge of the baby nose to get the mucus flowing.. 
  3. For kid above 1 year old, consider to give 500mg Vit C every 2-3 hourly, if loose stool reduce to 250mg. 
  4. Since I am still breastfeeding so I boosted up my Vit C consumption to 4000mg ( i take amway) and 4 capsules of Garlic Oil (Blackmore - RM37.60 for 250 capsules) - so baby getting it indirectly from my breast milk.
  5. I also put few drops of Melaleuca Tea Tree oil on her clothes near her shoulder and few drops on her pillow.
surprisingly in the afternoon she can nap on her own in her cot for 1 hour or so without cranky and crying.. then she wake up few times for nursing.. in the evening after gave her a warm bath.. she can sleep soundly until the next morning just wake up for milk only.. 

This morning she wake up.. I hardly hear any mucus sound when she breath.. and she is much better compare to yesterday.. so this methods works!!! with knowing of medicine which is drugs which actually does more harm than good.. so I will try to go for natural remedy for both of my kids.. because it will overstress their tiny liver and kidney to process those drug/toxin of medicine.. 

For Marcus, I gave him eat Vit C from GNC (something like a sweets type).. he ate some and split out some.. I also given him some garlic oil too but he split out too.. I think he at least drink some of it even though he split it out.. 

I am a happy mother now.. as both Chloe and Marcus today seem almost recovered from Flu..  

 Chloe sleeping in her cot with onion in her booties and a bowl of diced onion yesterday afternoon
 eating vitamins for myself

this is the turmeric juice.. (just made little bit)
 yesterday she need to be prop up with high pillow then only she feeling better..
see the yellow colour on her nose?? it was the turmeric juice.. and this morning she sneezed and the mucus came out from her nose!!! 
today I bought these from Juslife.. Virgin Coconut Oil (RM98.10) and Apple Cider Vinegar (RM26.01) both after member discount 10%- mix one tea spoon in marcus soup today.. hope he can fully recover soon!!!

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