Monday, December 12, 2011

Melt.. melt.. melt --> Crying + Heartache

yesterday morning when I woke up.. I feel it is a good day.. a happy Sunday.. as normal after I fed baby then I packed my 9 Dec 2011 extra expressed breast milk into breast milk storage bags (total of 15oz) and went downstairs and wanted to put into the freezer to freeze it.. my maid was at the kitchen that time.. when she saw me wanted to open the fridge.. she told me.. "sorry mam, I didn't close the freezer door properly yesterday!!!".. after I heard this.. like there was a lighting thunder over my head.. "oh my!! how all my breast milk??" - I faster opened the freezer and I saw all my melted bags of milk!!! all melted!!!! my heart also melted and my tears also falling... 
all my 70 bags breast milk all spoilt!! all melted because my maid did not close the freezer door properly.. overnight all melted :( overnight all my hard work gone.. overnight everything habis.. 
heartache till maximum.. crying and crying.. the whole day my face was black and i was actually moody and sad.. once I think of my milk.. then my eyes start to filing with tears.. 
some people asked me is my maid still alive or not?? but I don't even scold her.. maybe I knew she don't mean it.. but it was really killing me with this happened.. I also worry if I scolded her.. later she will balas dendam on my babies?? sigh.. is the only words I can say.. 
then yesterday night.. I told her please make sure you close the freezer door properly next time.. and she give me a guilty look and said "yes.. mam"..
 now I plan to do breast milk soap to bath my babies.. and some soap maybe can sell it off.. it is extremely good for your skin and baby skin.. anyone interested to buy??? can leave a comment here yeah.. and I will do milk bath for my baby everyday I think.. still thinking and not willing to do the milk bath.. I feel it is so wasted!!! SIGH... a big and long SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHH......
all hard work become water (cair)!!! cry cry
 all melted :(
condolence to all my milk.. 

but I will not stop it.. I will have few batches on milk again very soon!!! Gambateh..


Jamie said...

U can do it, my dear! Built up double triple of these!
Jia you ya!

KC said...

OMG...that's really liek what the title said...heartache to the max


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