Sunday, December 4, 2011

KK Playgroup - Water Play

Our second attempt for play group.. and this round we add in circle time.. where we start with introducing each other.. then sing 3-4 nursery song before we kick start with our water play for our Little One.. 
Marcus is extremely happy and once he saw me bring his swimming pant out.. he strips his pants in the middle of the circle of all aunties and uncles.. haha.. he couldn't wait for even 1 second and want to join into water and play!!!
 our circle time and everyone sing a song!!!
 only 1 pool is setup with water.. and the older kids cannot wait want they all want to jump in the play immediately.. 
 while we have a smaller pool for the younger kids with lesser water so they can sit and play.. 
 my dearest son Marcus.. he really enjoy water play a lot!!!
 mummy also joined in and make some rains fall for them.. 
 marcus trying to catch the water!!
everyone trying to catch the bubbles!!
marcus say: where is the bubbles?? mummy: on your head my dear!!!

1 comment:

Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Wow looks so fun!! How I wish I could join in next time..


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