Wednesday, December 21, 2011

KK Playgroup - Christmas theme

Is Playgroup time again.. this round we have Christmas theme.. and we have all the chit chatting for mummies.. we have a circle times and sing a few songs.. and we start our buffet style catering.. 
 beh tahan i am so chubby still.. hahaha.. 
 standing.. eating.. chatting.. 
 we have a gift exchange for our little one.. 
 marcus can't wait and want to open his present.. 
 tang dang.. this is my christmas present.. cool or not?
 me and my little sister.. 
 Auntie Jac's Zayn's birthday present and she bring it here.. marcus love it so much!!
 the early birds.. 
 all mummies and baby on the floor..  
 eating eating.. 
 4 hot puchong mamas
all the kids around busy playing on their own.. haha

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