Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kindergarten Selection Check List

have been research online and read some of the forums and the kinddy around Kota Kemuning area.. and I have get ready a check list below for my reference for hunting a right and suitable preschool for Marcus. Why I need this check list is because I have dory memory after delivery.. and I will go blank and don't know what to check and ask when I go for school tour.. I plan to go for the school tour next week to check out one by one of the kindergarten around my housing area.. 

Before the visiting:-
  1. Do some homework on the availability of the preschool in my housing area. research online, so far following is the list i got it.. 
    • Total Child - 
      Kota Kemuning- Lagoon 
      46, Jalan Anggerik Malaxis 31/179, Kota Kemuning,
      40460 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
      +603-5121 2899
      +603-5121 2899
      Kota Kemuning 
      No.2, Jalan Anggerik Nervilla AZ 31/AZ,
      Kota Kemuning 40460 Shah Alam
      +603-5121 2899
      +603-5121 2899

    • Kinderland 
      Kinderland Kota Kemuning (Ceria Mesra Sdn Bhd)
      1&3, Jalan Anggerik Doritis 31/137,Kota Kemuning,
      40460 Shah Alam, Selangor. (map)
      Tel: 03-5122 3871
      Fax: 03-5122 4308
      E-mail: enquiry@joyfulachievers.com
      Principal: Ms Fam
    • Tunas Riang 
       ADD3, Jalan Sungai Congkak, 32/51, Bukit Rimau, Seksyen 32, 40460 Shah Alam
       TEL019-357 4891
    • Taipei 
    • Sri Johan   
      29, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla T31/T, Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam, Selangor, 40460
      03-5121 9612 
    • YUME 
    • 3Q toddler / 3Q Junior 
    • Pusat Jagaan Kelip-Kelip (2012 intake is full and got to put wait list for 2013)
    • Qdees
    • Summer Academy - Subang Jaya - Fastrackids program
    • list not ended 
  2. Asking around friends and neighbours which kindergarten their kids going to and get their comments on the kindergarten
During visit:

Questions to check out during the school interview:-

  1. What Methodology? (Montessori / Waldorft / Fun-gates)
  2. What is the mandatory Language used? (Mandarin, English, BM) Is it trilingual kindergarten?
  3. What is the school hours. From what time to what time? How is the time tables look like?
  4. How much is the monthly fees? And any other misc charges?
  5. Play based or academic driven? 
  6. Teacher : students ratio?
  7. What's the principal's background in early childhood education and what is his/her vision for her school?
  8. What's the syllabus? Any text books? (look through if any)
  9. Teachers' qualification & experiences?
  10. What's the teacher turn over rate? (if turnover very fast meaning something wrong with the school)
  11. Is there any snack during school time? If yes check out the menu.. (got to inform allergen food list to the school.
  12. Any after school activities? (drawing, dancing, etc)
  13. Playtime - what is the play schedule? and are they allow to play outdoor? 
  14. What is the level of parental involvement? Is parents is welcome to drop by anytime? or needed to do appointment?
  15. Any Excursion? to where? How often?
  16. What is the safety policy?
  17. Is there any homework for age 3 classes?
  18. What is the teaching method? Using multimedia (eg: TV, computer, ipad?)
  19. How they handle mischievous Kid? Rotan or cane/talk/scolding/or how? What is the punishment like? Is it punish in front of all other children or how? 
  20. How many years is the school established? 
  21. Any trainings or enhancement knowledge for the teacher to improve and equip them with the latest knowledge and teaching technique?
  22. How do we parents know about our kids progress in school? We get to talk to teacher face to face? and how frequent we will be update with their progress?
Observation (school tour)

  1. Make appointment with the school for visiting/school tour. 
  2. So I feel Welcome??
  3. check the cleanliness and tidyness of the school (indoor and outdoor), do I feel comfortable in the school area? The brightness and unattractiveness of the school building / layout / and the cabinet arrangement
  4. look around if they do proper child proofing. 
  5. see if there is any child friendly facilities? like toilet bowl and basin.. 
  6. Emergency evacuation stairs?
  7. Is the school teacher friendly and caring? 
  8. How teacher handle mischievous kids?
  9. if the teacher : student ratio is 1:20.. then will the teacher work in small group based like 3-5 kids at one time during activity?
  10. Listen if the teachers and principal talking in accurate Mandarin and English?
  11. Is teacher having 1-1 conversation with the student?
  12. Is student given chance to express themselves or everything just follow what teacher teach?
  13. Since I will be bringing Marcus for the visiting, I will observe how the teacher interact with a shy little one and how teacher get my Marcus to sit for observation
  14. Are the children happy and engaged in the activities? 
  15. Is there any interaction between the kids? Are they allow to interacting with each other during the class?
  16. How is the discipline among the kids? Are they cooperative with others kids?
  17. Is there any proofing that the teacher using variety if teaching methods? 
  18. Is there library in the school? Is the book in good conditions? and is it updated material?
  19. Is the kids are encouraged for hand one learning?
  20. How is the toys and teaching material conditions? Good and appropriate age ?
  21. Look for walls or papan tanda that showcase the kids drawing and pics for the school activities?
  22. Is the kids are encouraged to play creatively?
  23. Is the school space enough for the number of student they taking in


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate this post. I have been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thx again

Jac said...

I did a similar list n ended up enrolling my kid in Sri Johan this year. They use the Fungates system. There's a Montessori kindy near MCM too.

Lee-Ann said...

Hi Yvonne, Really happy to find your blog post. I am also staying in kemuning and have been looking for this kind of survey information. Read that you are sending Marcus to Tunas Riang - may I know how you find it so far? Any comments?
Btw, did you visit sri johan also?

YvOnNe Fong said...

Lee Ann.. yes i checked out Sri Johan too. but they are fully booked with waitlist of 38 pax at that time.. so i didnot check further. and from my survey is Sri Johan when they are up to age 5-6.. their academy is more academic driven. so i didnot check it further..

so far my son at tunas riang are happy.. he enjoy his school.. and i can see his improvement for his speech too.. :) so i am still feel glad and happy abt it..

MK Moon said...

Hi Yvonne,
how about Ditoso? if not mistaken, my son Austin also same age with Marcus.
he is born in year 2010n march.
i am looking for the weekend class around kemuning area.

Anonymous said...

Hi all, my son just started ditoso. He is happy. Its exactly like shicida or heguru but i have yet to see the speed reading yet. Quite pricey compared to tweedlewink, heguru or shicida. One week once 45min with 1 teacher and an assistant to handle maximum 5 kids.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to look for a preschool for my son too. Went to Sri Johan just now. I have heard a lot about it but perhaps i was expecting a lot but it turned out different from what i was expecting. I thought it was more to fun based but it seems more to academic. I have read blogs of parents are allowed to visit, but when i was there they didnt even allow me to step into the car porch ( i was at the lagoon Sri Johan). The conversation was all made between the gate with me standing outside. I understand it is mainly for the safety of the children. I wish the lady would have at least have the courtesy to tell me that too. I have read from other blogs that visitors are allowed to go in to have a visit and to understand more of the centre. Perhaps it is only for the year 4-6 Sri Johan? Not to mention even enrolment for year 2014 all full and i was asked to call back in Jan. They don't have "waiting list" sort of thing. When i tried to ask more eg. the timing, session, the lady was more into asking me to call back in January 2013 and to ask then. She however gave me the number to call. It was all ok but perhaps like i said, i was expecting something different form this centre since so many been talking about how superb they are. Another concern of mine is that, since they are soo well known now, will they be more "commercialised"??

YvOnNe Fong said...

Anonymous: I also had the same experience. actually i dont really consider Fungates system as it is proof to be more academic based than any other system. and I had the same experience as you when I do visit last year. I was blocked outside the gate and told it has 38 ppl wait list..

Anonymous said...

I am still cracking head and searching around. I was putting Fungate in my list but now that i have doubts with them, i somehow find myself quite "lost" now. Haha.. Can anyone recommend any good kindi in Meru / Kota Kemuning area? It is just sooo hard to get one. I am not that particular i suppose, i js need those teachers to be qualified, good, clean environment, js to name a few. I found out a lot into the biz js for money. Those without proper qualification also becoming a teacher! I get to know one that doesnt even know what is "wipe" and she is a primary school english tuition teacher!

Anonymous said...

anyone know about the kelip-kelip? i just entrolled my child to next year intake, but trying very hard to seach online regards the teacher/comments for this kindergarden.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Yvonne . May I know are you still sending your son to Tadika Tunas Riang after they increase school fees because of new method if teaching ? I was thinking is it worth ?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Yvonne . May I know are you still sending your son to Tadika Tunas Riang after they increase school fees because of new method if teaching ? I was thinking is it worth ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Yvonne,

Lately I went to Sri Johan for my son age 6, they ask me to pay deposit RM 200 as waiting list. I told them can I view their place - they said "NO.. NO" Ask for school fee - they said "NOT SURE". Since this school was strongly recommend by my friend. I paid RM 200 as waiting list. No receipt given - wrote on the small piece of paper. Then I decided to send my son to my mum house in Klang so I called Sri Johan and explain the situation and ask for refund. Sri Johan said cannot refund the waiting list payment.

Can anyone advise me what to do ??

Lily said...

Beware of hidden fees at Q-dees! When I tried to look for a kindy for my daughter, at first I was informed that the school fees RM210 only. But then soon I realized that I've to pay for the hidden fees like fliptech fees, facility fees, beamind fees, etc... Well, in my opinion, fliptech fees, facility fees, beamind fees should be considered as school fees. They have beamind enrichment programme, but what's that?! How come they do not include the programme in the normal kindergarten school hours? Just to charge extra!!! We as parent really don't like to have the feeling of being cheated.
Please think twice before you enrol your childen in qdees. You will discover more and more hidden fees after your child enrolled... Moreover, teachers are rude and teach the wrong things! A lot more parents complaining about qdees, but all are swept under carpet...

Marisa said...

I put my son on waiting list In Sri Johan Lagoon since Aug 2011 for 2012 intake. Later i changed my mind and put him under 2013 intake for year 4. But i did not pay any money. They still called me up for registration confirmation last Aug..

I did get to go into the lagoon kindy to ask questions.. But i did not ask to visit the school. Basically what u see is what you are going to get. It is open concept. Based on my experience, you have to speak to the admin person. The rest of people there dont have any idea on waiting list etc. I called in to enquire when my son just turned 1 but they asked me to call in when he is 2.5. But when i visit to enquire i got to know that some parents put on waitliat as soon as their son is 1 year old and they still allow.

I would advise you to walk in to enquire. I only pay the 200 to reserve the place that is already open for my son. They
called to inform that my son got a place and if i want the place needs to pay deposit 200 which is non refundable and i got a proper receipt..

Anonymous said...

Sri Johan used to be good but no longer. The teachers are lousy and rude. Very commercialized and money minded.

Anonymous said...

I am upset about the management of Sri Johan Kota Kemuning specifically about security of children. As our children are our highest priority as parents, it is very sad to see the negligence of the teachers there in making sure that the children actually get into the correct cars or follow the correct person home. By correct, I mean parents, grandparents, relatives authorised. My kid was seen attempted to be ushered into another car. We complained and the principal came out with some lame excuse that doesn't even make sense and expected us to take it in. She seems all geared up to try to cover and acted very defensive. But to be fair to her, when asked if the excuses/reasons is logical to her, she confessed that yes, it doesn't sound logical to her too. There you go. And then when I mentioned that this is not the first time and said that another kid was being ushered into my car, she became speechless. Guess she did not prepare for that. She said that she is very serious about it, but from our conversation, she has hinted that this is not a serious matter as yet. Not a serious matter??? When is it a serious matter then? I'd like to see if she's willing to sign a legal letter using her kids as collateral shall any kids go missing during their operation. It is our kids, not her kids, I guess. Hope she really takes this seriously and will come up with a better plan because to me this is a VERY SERIOUS issue. I couldn't imagine life without my kid.


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