Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Is he ready to go to Kindergarten??

I always have this in mind that not to send my Marcus boy to school so early.. my initially thinking was wait until he is 4 year old only send him to kindergarten.. but due to his speech delayed.. and Doctor and speech therapist recommendation of sending him to kindergarten may help in his speech development.. so this changed my mind and I started to think about sending him to school next year. But, the questions keep pop out from my mind... "is he ready to go to school?".. "is he okay without us around?" which all these doubts make me really worry and uncertain.. sometimes I will think IS ME the one who is not ready yet and NOT Marcus.. maybe he is already ready to go on to explore on his own.. I really hope he can adapt it.. I hope myself can adapt it too.. some mummies may think I worry too much.. but if you are a SAHM or a WAHM then you will understand me.. but if you are a FTWM then you might not have so strong feeling of worrying as I do.. 
anyway.. I am preparing the list of school to visit and check list on questions to ask and observed - shall share with you all later on.. 

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MieVee @ said...

Yvonne, I can understand this feeling. Perhaps can source around for programs that can be parent-accompanied? Julia Gabriel is one but pricey. Kindermusik is once a week, also accompanied.

Anyway, you'd know when Marcus starts school. Maybe he'd love it? All the best! :)


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